Dr. Zena Mabeyo

Welcoming message from the Conference Committee

The Institute of Social Work (ISW) located in Dar es Salaam, the metropolitan city of Tanzania, has organized an International Social Work Conference under the Theme: "The Role of Social Work in Enhancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation."

The conference, to be held from 8th to 10th May 2019, has been strategically crafted to bring together and facilitate experience sharing among social work scholars, researchers, academicians, practitioners, policy makers, students, service users and other key stakeholders particularly regarding the role and contribution of the profession in promoting and stimulating development.

The main theme of the conference is linked to the third pillar of Social Work and Social Development Global Agenda of Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability. Locally, the theme is tailored to adhere to the Fifth Era’s Direction, which is to take this country to the middle income economy country. The sub-themes have been appropriately coined to provide participants with a unique opportunity to discuss a range of issues essential to national, regional and global development discourse as well as social work profession and the related disciplines.

We strongly believe that the deliberations from the conference will significantly enrich not only Tanzania but also other African countries and beyond particularly in their efforts to grapple with challenges that face a development process geared towards maximization of quality social welfare and easy accessibility of social welfare services to all.

Social work profession has a significant and noble role to play in addressing pertinent micro, mezzo and macro level problems affecting individuals, groups and communities of different backgrounds. Thus, its role in promoting inclusive and sustainable economic as well as social development is immeasurable.

Therefore, on behalf of the Institute, the conference organizing committee and other partners I humbly welcome you to this unique first conference to be organised and hosted by the Institute of Social Work-the fountain of social work training in the country. Surely, the success of the conference is dependent on the effective participation of delegates. I cordially invite all stakeholders to come, share best practices and evidences, tap new knowledge and skills from the conference and witness the real taste of hospitality endowed by the Tanzanians.

Dr. Zena Mnasi Mabeyo
Chairperson-Conference Committee
Institute of Social Work

Dr. William Manyama

A word of welcome from the Head of Social Work Department

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to this first International Social Work conference on “The Role of Social Work in Enhancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation” to be held at the Institute of Social Work.

Social Work as a profession has a long tradition of addressing people’s welfare, especially the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged. It contributes significantly to the pursuit of caring, inclusive, just and sustainable communities and societies. Undoubtedly, social work profession has a potential role to play in upholding and moving forward the development and transformation process is inclusive. It can contribute in confronting the structural and societal challenges that impede the development efforts as well as address problems arising from the transformation processes.

It is in this context that, the Institute of Social Work has decided to organize the International Social Work Conference that focuses on Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation. The conference will respond to three questions on what, why and how social work enhancement initiatives contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic transformation. Among others, the conference will direct its gaze on the state and status of social work and its role in fostering industrialization process in Tanzania, achieving 2025 Tanzania Development Vision (TDV) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both of which are centered on developing human capital for sustainable economic development.

I am pretty sure that it will be a momentous event for all of you and for the Social Welfare Sector to which you devoted most of your lives as practitioners, academicians, policy makers, students and all other stakeholders. This conference will be a forum for the exchange of ideas, ground experiences as well as information on various interventions by social work practitioners and professionals in pursuit to enhancement of peoples' wellbeing and economic transformation in Tanzania and beyond.

Dr. William Manyama
Head of Social Work Department,
Institute of Social Work.